Awards & Distinctions



  • 1st Digital League (Advanced)


  • 1st Print League (Advanced)
  • 1st Print of the Year

I am currently working towards a Licentiate of The RPS (LRPS)

I never saw photography as a competitive arena, which is odd as in my youth I raced schoolboy motocross and later short circuit motorbike racing so being competitive is hard wired.

This all changed when I joined my local photography club KDPS (Kettering Photography Society) at the end of 2016 just in time to enter the last 2 competition rounds. I managed to get placed in each one and so decided that in 2017 I would try and win something. 

2017 ended with me having won and being placed in a number of rounds which resulted in winning the Print League and being awarded Print of the year.

The following year 2018 was more difficult as a tree falling on our house in the January storms meant 6 months in temporary accommodations. In these circumstances I decided to concentrate on just the digital league, which I won.

In 2019 along with LRPS I plan to enter some regional and national competitions.

The big question is, do awards and competitions mean you are a good photographer?